Monday, November 1, 2010

Plan C from Schnibbles Times Two

Here's what I have been working on. This has gone together really quickly. Big blocks are such fun to make because of that. And instead of becoming paralyzed by agonizing over fabric choices, I just dove in with my scraps, made a few purchases to add to the mix, and VOILA! this is almost done! It is the large version of Plan C which is 77 1/2 inches square and will be a Christmas gift. The recipient said she likes black, white and red, so that was the starting point.

The first border is supposed to be the same as the background fabric, but my daughter, who swears she has no interest in sewing or making quilts, said "why don't you put gray there instead?" and I just happened to have a yard of gray. I have had it since she was little, so it is approximately 20 years old. I think it is perfect. I doesn't look different or odd. There will be two strip sets, which you see at the top of the picture. They will be cut in half lengthwise when I get to 34 strips and that will make up the second border.

If you don't have the book Schnibbles Times Two, you should get one. Such beautiful quilts, and you don't have to have layer cakes to make them. Just use your yardage or your scraps and have fun!

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