Friday, January 7, 2011

Quilt Apathy, Quilt Frenzy and other things

So, every year around Christmas, I totally lose interest in quilting. I don't know if it is the business of the season, or the fact that (we all know) it is way too late to get anything made present-wise and forget the long-armer having time for you at that point, or that I can just do other stuff with my time. Instead, I really get into reading.It seems that it has to be one or the other. I cannot start a book and not finish it without interruption, unless it is a terrible book. So finally, after a lifetime of wanting to read it and loving the movie version from 2005, I read Pride and Prejudice. Then I wanted more, so I found several *spin offs* if you will on Amazon that were well recommended. First I read half of this and realized it is more of a lusty romance novel of newlyweds Elizabeth and Darcy. Not what Jane Austen would have written, but I guess it is not that bad. Still, I put it aside.

Then I started reading this  and this is exactly what I think Jane would have written to tell Mr. Darcy's side of the Pride and Prejudice story. It is classy, intelligent and true to character. When I was growing up, my grandmother told me that I must read Little Women and Anne of Green Gables. This is why I have a taste for old world literature and outdated vocabulary. Probably why I love period piece films too. Anyway, I totally recommend this book if you are an Austen fan!

Now that the holidays are over and I am whittling down my backlog of blog reading (Reader was up to almost 1000 entries I had not read!!!) I am inspired again to make quilts. On fire! So excited! Having a little extra money on hand for a change, I have ordered some fabrics, books and several Miss Rosie's Quilt Co patterns to start off the new year! I can't wait. I better hurry and finish my book before the packages arrive.

Has anyone made this one? Summer Rental! I think it is gorgeous. I blogged about wanting to make something complicated and a star pattern with the little collection of Fig Tree fabrics I stashed, and this is it. I think. There are about 8 patterns coming my way, so I could change my mind again! I've seen so many beautiful star quilts on other blogs like Cupcakes and Daisies and Sister's Choice, it was hard to decide, but I really love this one.

In the mean time I am cutting pieces for the very simple (and double the size) Keyholes quilt pattern from Anka's Treasures book "On a Roll Again." I have 2 Glace jelly rolls and having never made a Christmas quilt for my own bed maybe this year my bedroom will look more festive!

Also, I will be joining Rachel Griffith's postage stamp quilt along. I found a jelly roll of Spirit by Lila Tueller that will be spectacularly colorful with a white solid cotton. Are you going to join in?

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