Monday, May 16, 2011

It's What's for Dinner

Last week, Betty Crocker sent me this recipe. As I almost always do, I improvise a little and add things to make it mine, or more likely, to use up leftovers.

Here I added grilled chicken chunks, feta cheese and some rotini pasta and doubled what the original recipe called for.  It says it makes 10 servings, but those must be very tiny servings. If I make pasta salad, I make enough for about a week. How else can I ever use the giant Rubbermaid bucket?

To go with the caesar dressed salad, of course we are having Jack Daniel's EZ marinated London Broil. And fresh brewed iced tea. Doesn't that sound great?

Dinner should be ready in an hour, so hurry over! We'll watch Castle for dessert. Its the season finale. Mmmm....


quiltzyx said...

Rats! I'm now so sad that I'm behind on my blog-reading! I would have been there for SURE!!!

(I did watch Castle for dessert too, tho'!)

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I scrolled down and saw Castle's picture. Have you seen that episode? I don't want to give it away if you have it on DVR or something, but WHAT THE . . .?!!