Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have too many irons in the fire lately and not a lot of free time.

  • Island Chain is almost in rows, but not a completed top yet.
  • Split Decision has become just that. Do I like it, or should I bisect the blocks and make it more "Bento Box" looking?
  • Of course I started another quilt project! I have so many other things to do, why not? I have had a stack of Al Fresco fabrics for about 2 years, so I started working on a new, modern (uncomplicated) design.
  • I am making a kimono style robe for my dad for Father's Day. It has only been waiting 8 YEARS. No kidding. The Fabric Traditions selvage says 2003! 
  • Knowing that the 4th of July is around the corner again, I have silently shamed myself for letting it sneak up on me again without completing a nearly complete UFO, America's Sweetheart, that I started a few years ago.
  • Hokey Pokey is back from the long arm quilter's so I can add binding that gigantic quilt to my list of things to do.
Since I can't show any newly completed work, I will show a few things that never made it to the blog. Kim Brackett of Magnolia Bay Quilts asked what we do with those trimmed off triangles, and here is what I did with some of mine. She calls them folded corner triangles.  These finished at 2" and it hangs in my dining room. I wanted to make a schoolhouse block for fun, and thought framing it with leftover half square triangles would help me empty the flower container I keep them in. I even quilted it myself! Try not to faint about that.

This is a scrap quilt I made for my MIL last year for her birthday. Simple pattern. There are antique looking buttons sewed in the center of each pinwheel. It is a very generous size, more of a small twin than a lap quilt.

That's it for now. I hope you are enjoying the end of Spring. Summer is almost upon us!

PS. Tomorrow, June 17th, is the 7 year anniversary of my move to Pensacola! My daughter and I made the drive from So Cal in 2 1/2 days - just in time for Hurricane Ivan. Let's hope there are no hurricanes this year to mark this anniversary.


Sinta Renee said...

I had to hope over here from Kim's blog... I love your post and your beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing them... happy relocation anniversary!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Love, love, love the schoolhouse quilt. What a cool way to use your leftovers. And quilted by you, no less!

You're in good company with all the irons in the fire -- I can't stay focused these days. Your mother-in-law's quilt is really pretty, too. I like the pinwheels between the blocks.

I can't imagine what you must have thought when that hurricane came through! I'll bet you were wishing you had stayed in California!

Nicky said...

Gorgeous schoolhouse quilt - I have that block on my to do list but what a great idea for framing it!

QuiltSue said...

Lovely quilts, especially the one you made for your mother-in-law.