Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Morning at Home Depot

Today was a great day! Tyler had his first experience with building something at the Home Depot Children's tables, which they set up every weekend on Saturday morning, and sometimes on Sunday too. Like tomorrow they will have the Home Depot NASCAR cars and trailers at our store and kids' crafts again.

I used to work at Home Depot part time, and at this store too, but this is not a promo for them. I do appreciate the wonderful thing they are doing for kids/families every weekend though. The little kits are free. There was no age restriction. Tyler is 2 1/2 and with my help and his Mama's we hammered together a picture frame, and then he got to paint it himself! Little foam brushes and plenty of colors to choose from. Hammers and screw drivers to use. No pressure. No one looking over your shoulder. And he gets to keep the little orange apron with his name on it.

Tyler, what is it with the squished up eyes when you say "cheese" lately??? You are hiding those beautiful blue eyes of yours, you silly boy.

I guess that qualifies as a promotion of sorts.It was just so great to finally see Tyler do this crafty thing. I have imagined him going there and making a bird house or wooden car or whatever is offered. I can't wait for next Saturday now. 

Here is Tyler and his lovely Mama, painting the picture frame he made. They added stickers to it later when it was dry. He is so proud!

Look at that little face in the picture frame! Such a cute clown. My son took this pic tonight. Thank you, Chris. Thanks to you and your wife Christy for coming over for dinner and a movie after my crazy day. Tamale Pie is always a winner. Salad made it better still. Next time we'll have more a lot more Cowboy cookies ready to eat for dessert.
You know, we went to Home Depot without any thoughts of this event. We were there for painting supplies. I have wanted to redo my daughter's room for more than a year. I love to repaint a room and make it feel fresh and new. If I could I would replace the carpeting in all 3 bedrooms too, but that is not in the budget. Paint, however, is so inexpensive when your spirit really needs a project to work on and you are a decorator at heart, right?

The paint chosen is supposed to be a light gray. I am trying to understand how painting over very pale yellow resulted in a lilac-ish gray?  When did yellow and gray ever make purple? Oh well. On to the trim and closet doors. Out with the tired, dry, chipped stained wood trim and doors, hello glossy and fresh white!

What? Pictures? Um, not yet. Of course I didn't take before pics! I was so busy getting things done, I did not think of it until I was on the 4th of 6 cans of spray paint in my blustery front yard. Trying to keep the closet doors from falling forward and wondering why I could no longer feel my index finger. Tomorrow I will make more progress and hopefully get some pics of the After at least! Oh, and wish us luck getting those closet doors back into their hardware and installed properly again. Not my forte exactly.



Beth ( said...

Your son looks ADORABLE in his Home Depot clothes! I wanted to invite you to come link up at TGIF Linky Party -
Beth =-)

quiltzyx said...

Of COURSE Tyler would be an artist ~ he takes after his Grandma! You need to get an enlargement of the picture of him in his frame & frame it for yourself!

Thank you for being so generous & sharing him with us. :D

Brooke @ Let Kids Create said...

What fun! I wanted to do this project last Saturday, too, but we just didn't have the time for it. Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness@

Laura @Art For Little Hands said...

I have always wanted to go to home depot and do the projects, but Saturdays always seem so busy and I never have done it. You have inspired me. So glad to see you linkn up at Monday Madness. Hope to see you again tomorrow.

The Mommies Made Me Do It said...

Aww this is so awesome! Our Home Depot has this program here but I just assumed it was for the older kids. I'll definitely look into this now! My son would LOVE this!

BTW, I used to live in Pensacola when I was a kid and again when I was in the Air Force (at Corry Naval Station) and I miss it soooo much! You're lucky :)

Kevin and Kristina said...

What a fun morning together! I need to see if our HD does this. Thanks so much for sharing!!