Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello from sunny Pensacola!

Hello all! Happy New Year! I hope you are off to a great start and keeping those resolutions! Greetings from Pensacola Beach!

It is January and we spent the weekend at the beach! Saturday was gorgeous, but I forgot the camera, of course. The temp is in the low 70s, the water is clear and cool and emerald green. The Gulf of Mexico was as flat as can be on Saturday. Green flag flying. Things can change so quickly, because today it was a yellow flag and a purple flag and cloudy. Still, we had fun.

This boy is all sports, all the time. When we played football today, he said he was Tebow and I was Polamalu. Too funny! When we play baseball, he is Benny and the other person (whoever that may be at the time) is Smalls, as in 2 characters from the Sandlot.

Neither of us can wait for the water to warm up for swimming.

Tyler and I played baseball, soccer and football, made sand castles, chased seagulls, looked through the pay-to-view telescope, had lunch, waded up to our calves in and out of the surf, collected shells and just had a blast both days. Just the two of us. It was awesome.

We had such a good time that we decided to go back again today, even with a 30% chance of rain. It doesn't sound like much of a chance, but I've seen it absolutely downpour all day when they called for a 10% chance. (You can't put a lot of stock in what our weather people say.)  Just like Saturday, there were sunbathers and swimmers filling up the beach by noon.

Do you see that purplish color on the horizon line? Yeah, the jellies are coming. What we really need are a lot more sea turtles, who eat the jellyfish, because there doesn't seem to be any time of year when we DON'T have some kind of jellyfish attack.

This one is about 9 inches across.  Ick. Does anyone have a cure for jellyfish invasions?

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quiltzyx said...

Happy New Year to you too!!!
Looks like you & Tyler had a terrific time at the beach. :D Sorry, but I don't have any jellyfish tips or hints. I heard it was in the 80s here in SoCal last week - it was in the 50s where I was in NoCal. :D