Monday, February 22, 2010

Signs of Spring Coming

It is almost the end of February already, can you believe it? It has been a cold winter here. The centipede grass is like dry brush. It crackles when you walk on it and makes me think of walking through deep woods with a layer of fallen leaves. Crunch, crunch, crunch.

The Sego palms are no longer green. They did not like the frost/snow/often below freezing temps this Winter any more than I did.

But, there are signs of Spring ahead! The Baby's Breath bushes have little tiny leaf buds and so does the blueberry bush. My neighbors Japanese Tulip Tree (or Teacup Magnolia) is turning pink and by next week, it should look like this...

and fragrance. Just beautiful pink buds covering the tree. No leaves yet. And when the flowers drop it will leaf out and provide nice shade for the hot Summer. I need my little baby one to take off so I have the pink in my front yard too.

There are just bunches of birds now. We've had the cardinals back for more than a month. Little finches and wrens and stellar jays, have been fighting over the feeder. I must have missed the mass landing of robins that come every year. It is usually just one day and there they are, hundreds in the yard, then they are gone! The biggest, fattest robins I ever saw!

So, everything might look freezer burned and brown and sorry now, but soon it will green up. Then we are back to sweltering again til November. Fun!

At least we have the beautiful beaches and rivers to cool off at! Ahhh! White sand, emerald water, and a tan! That's the ticket!

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