Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Was your day nice? I hope so. I got to relax and actually sew all weekend! I am proud of myself for getting some UFOs done. Accomplishment goes a long way, doesn't it? Working full time means there is always something on the design wall waiting, waiting, waiting.

I got flowers from my husband and also from my daughter. My son sent me my greeting via email.

Such a sweet card from my girl, about how we are friends and how lucky she is to have me as her mom!!! How great is that?  Totally what I was aiming for as a mom. Friendship after they are all grown. She bought me these roses and Bryan brought me the mixed arrangement!

The weather was so beautiful - meaning clear with low humidity and not too hot. I stayed out in the yard for hours getting some sun and playing with my grandson in his little pool.

I spent Saturday at the sewing machine mostly. I got out a mystery quilt that I never finished putting together. 2 more rows to join and that top is finished! Yeah! I had it laid out on the floor and Tyler was dancing all over it. He likes the colors a lot. It is very bright. And I had leftover blocks, so I put together a baby quilt for him. I should have pics to post of them later this week, although it won't be quilted yet.

So all in all, it was a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day. I think being a mom and grandmother is the best. Not always easy. Sometimes hard on your heart and your nerves, but totally rewarding.

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