Monday, June 14, 2010

the weekend

No cute Tyler pics to share. I spent the weekend mostly feeling terrible (sick) and trying to take care of Tyler while Alisia worked. All the while hoping I was keeping my cooties to myself. No easy feat, and I hope I sprayed enough Lysol around to keep everyone safe.

It figures that when I treat myself to the "once a year" pedicure, I get the guy who is coughing into his sleeve. That is the only place I can figure I caught this nasty cold that is trying to morph into bronchitis. If that pedicurist felt as bad as I have since Thursday night, I don't know how he was at work. At all.

Nevertheless, my grandson, Tyler, made the weekend about as great as he possibly could. He was persistent in trying to kiss me. He didn't want me to leave his side. He made me laugh constantly. He is the best supermarket sidekick ever. We raced his Tonka Wheel Pals cars and trucks up and down the hallway and then switched to bowling. (the FAO Schwartz Safari Bowling set is awesome!) The hallway is our alley - no need for bumpers! Both are great options when it is raining, or like this weekend, totally too hot to be outside much. He likes "moomies" (movies) especially ones with animals, like "Babe," "Madagascar," and "Finding Nemo" or meemo, as he calls it. He only watches a few minutes here and there, but you can see his mother's love of animals in him. I saved all my kids' Disney movies, but of course they are VHS and now everything is DVD.

I am so proud of his love of books! He owns about 30 and we go through all of them at least once a week. I'm going to have to join that Books a Million club after all.

And how many 15 month olds love to pick blueberries and hold the bucket still? He doesn't like eating them fresh off the tree, so he tastes them occasionally and then takes them out of his mouth and gives them to the dog. She thinks they are great!

If you have a toddler around, let them light up your life. No matter how crumby you feel, you won't feel bad for long!

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