Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekends need to be moved to Monday and Tuesday

So it did rain all Memorial weekend, and this past weekend too. Yes, there were breaks in the downpours.  Enough so I could run to the grocery store and not get soaked loading and unloading the car. Enough so we could grill some fabulous kabobs. Thank you Jack Daniels EZ Steakhouse Marinade in a ziploc bag! You will have to imagine the top sirloin, zucchini, squash, tomato, Vidalia onion and mushroom kabobs for yourself because I just don't have the foresight to grab the camera and take pictures of food on the grill. Or on the table. It doesn't occur to me that I might blog about it. Nevertheless, they were awesome!

Sadly, that is about the high point of the Memorial weekend. No pool. No boat trips on the river. No beach. Every morning we woke up to the rumble of thunder and darkness outside that seemed more like twilight than morning. I think we must have gotten a total of almost 5 inches of rain. Every. Day. Not. Kidding.

I know that pop up thunderstorms are the norm for Florida this time of year, but all day rain that occurs only on the weekends is just not right! It is always nice on Monday and Tuesday, so I therefore make a motion to move weekends to Monday and Tuesday from now on. All in favor, say Aye!

Yes, my honey did take the boat out Friday before Memorial Day, while I was at work. Oil leaked everywhere, so back to the garage they went. He took it out again that Saturday while a storm was brewing and lost fuel pressure. Drifted to the dock and drove home through lots of lightning and rain. And because it rained for the rest of that weekend and most of this one, there have been repairs but no further testing. Needless to say, I did not miss anything and I am glad I wasn't there for the failed test runs. I would have mentally shot a hole through the hull so it sunk, a la Ally McBeal.

Got some time in with the Hunky Dory layer cake quilt I am designing. I really love many of the pieces in that line! Who doesn't like turquoise and pinks and greens this time of year. I even love the taupes. Everything I have worked with from Chez Moi is so feminine and fresh! Some of these prints are very large. If I get yardage, I may have to make some pillows.

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