Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And now you are 2!

My grandson turned two on Sunday. He spent the last month telling everyone "almost 2. My birt-day March Turteenth."  
He wore his new shirt (which I made the night before) and we all had such a great time.  Chuck E Cheese. His request. He remembered it from when he went there at 1 yr old. He got pretty much every gift he wanted: roller skates, a skateboard and baseball glove. He must think he's about 5, right? And no, we are not going to let him loose on the wheeled presents. He did get a helmet to go with them. I think he is going to have to stick to the grass in the yard with someone holding him. Hopefully he'll get the idea that they are too difficult right now and he'll be back at T-Ball, basketball and soccer. And water play. That boy LOVES water play. Here is a look back at 2 years that have gone by too fast already. 
   1. His true Birth Day. I was there!

2. His first trip to the pool last year.

3. A natural with tools. Helping build shelving for Nana's sewing room.

4. The water horse he made. a miracle that I caught it at just the right moment. During summer, he is wet all the time, because no matter how hot it is, he wants to be outside.

5. His beautiful Mama holding him at the party. He loves that inflatable crown. He put it on this morning and said "my burtday hat! I a king!"

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quiltzyx said...

Happy Birthday little grandie!!

I love reading about all his adventures & his quotes!