Monday, February 28, 2011

February beach weather?!

 Soft white sand. Warm weather. New sunglasses and a long stick. What could be better for the boy who is turning 2 in a two weeks? He LOVES the beach as much as I do. As a matter of fact, when he sees a plane or birds flying, he says they are going to the beach. He'd ride his little tricycle there if we let him.
It has been so nice out, we went to the beach this weekend. The water is still cold. I like it better in summer when the water is about 80 - 85 degrees. Tyler does too. He kept saying "Told water!"

We had beautiful blue skies and mid-70s temps.

This is us. Papa took the picture. This is what I love about Pensacola. The sand is so perfect. The water so green and clear.

We were having so much fun on the beach park equipment and on the beach itself that we missed the Mardi Gras Kiddies and Kritters Parade we had gone to see!

Lunch at Flounders Chowder House was the perfect finish to our morning. Come on down to the Gulf Coast if you want a nice place to vacation. You won't need a passport to get here! You can eat great seafood, shop and even play miniature golf right at the main beach!  Today wraps up the Celebrate the Boy 2011 on Rae's blog. (Sorry Rae, I can't manage to borrow the button here) So many cute ideas again this year. It got me in the mood to sew clothing again.
  I have started making Tyler's new summer wear. Pajama pants and appliqued tshirts are really nice to lounge in after visits to the pool or beach and I can't resist all the adorable kiddie fabrics. Here is the first of this year's crop for him to relax in.

Until next time, happy sewing, and I hope you are having fun, whatever your weather is like.


Nicole said...

Loved the photos of your grandson on the beach! And the summer outfits are going to be fabulous! I want a couple of sets for myself!

Irishgirlsews ~ Wendy said...

Your blog is lovely, glad that you enjoy the beach, we do too, except were are on the opposite side of the state..LOL.
I'm also a Wendy P.