Thursday, April 21, 2011

Current Projects

Things I am working on: a variation of Minick and Simpson's "Chippewa Nine Patch" as seen in this post from their blog. I am making this from leftover Double Delight blocks, which I had originally started making in greens, but changed my mind after I had made a LOT of them. I think they pair up nicely with this Marie Osmond print and I'll have a nice Christmas lap size quilt when I am done. Also, I am about to launch my first tshirt quilt project. I took a class at JoAnn's last year, so wish me luck on the queen size for my sister in law.

I have been dabbling in the Dresden plate area too. Always wanted to make them, and finally bought a ruler. I made 5 inch blades with jelly roll scraps (Cherish Nature) and they look nice, I think. I don't know that I will make a whole quilt full. I am thinking maybe they will be in a row in a top border of whatever I make with the Cherish Nature Fat Quarter bundle I have.  (Below the dresdens are some possible pinwheels from the Chippewa Nine Patch trimmings - more likely to become a sawtooth border.)

Cleaned up my sewing project storage a bit. I had lost a needle book a friend made, so I took everything apart, hoping maybe it had fallen behind these stacked cubes. Having my upcoming projects neatly stacked and in full view helps me stay focused and inspired. How about you? I won't embarrass myself with a picture of the 5 large totes and closet full of other stash and UFOs. Let's just say my husband opened that closet last week and said something about not ever needing to buy fabric again. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen!

See that stack of Fig Tree fabrics on the top left? Yum! I have been taking my time, finding deals and slowly have acquired enough to make "Summer Rental" from Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.

And finally, even though I am a few weeks early for Kids Sewing Week, I couldn't help making the bucket hat  from this tutorial out of the Laurie Wisbrun giraffe print. It matches his pants and is reversible to a solid teal. Next time I will make a much wider brim, but it fits his head perfectly! You try getting a fidgety 2 year old to be still for pictures. It was either this one, or the picture of the inside of his nose after I said "honey, look up!"

And finally, since it is almost Easter, I will share a picture of a little ham with you all, and wish you a wonderful holiday weekend! 

Happy Easter everyone! May you have the gift of friends and family to celebrate with!

God Bless!


quiltzyx said...

Looks like you've been busy!

The bucket hat looks perfect ~ I think he posed just right!

Happy Easter to you too Wendy!

alisia said...

He is soooo undeniably handsome

Mimisharon said...

What a little ham he is! That's great, Wendy, you have been sewing up a storm AND reorganizing?