Thursday, August 4, 2011

I won an award!

I won a One Lovely Blog Award from Cook and Be Merry!  Isn't that nice? Thanks Lynne!

You may remember my post about the delicious Chicken and Sausage, Mushroom and Asparagus Pasta dish? That is Lynne's recipe! I guarantee that if you follow her blog, your mouth will be watering on a regular basis.

As part of the award, I am supposed to share 7 random facts about me! What a coincidence that I have been thinking of doing just that after reading it on other blogs.

1. Due to having to wear a full torso back brace in junior high for scoliosis, I can pick up most things with my toes. Everyone says I have monkey toes. My grandson and daughter also have the talent, so maybe the brace is just how I perfected it?

2. My favorite color is red, but I have very little of that color in my fabric stash. I make up for it with a red car and a red kitchen wall, pots and pans and Kitchenaid mixer.

3. I became a grandmother at 44. This pretty much goes with family history. I absolutely love being Nana! I've started making lots of clothing and accessories again since he came along.

4. Women in my family live to be an average of 89 years old. One great grandmother passed away at 99.
(I still have both maternal grandparents. That makes 5 generations here in Pensacola.)

5. I was in an art exhibition during my senior year. I drew a charcoal portrait of an old woman. How I wish the public schools allowed for more elective classes! I really wanted to take pottery, sculpture and other art classes, but there was never room in my schedule. Now I have to find the time and money in my busy life for art classes!

6. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising accepted my application, but at 17 I was terrified of driving to and from Los Angeles by myself, so I never went. Sad, but true.

7. My second cousin and I are 4 days apart due to a $2 bet between his Marine dad and my Marine dad. You can probably figure the details out. I am the older. Yep, my dad won $2 and started a family.

That's a pretty good start on trivial facts, I guess.

Now to pass the award to some recently discovered blogs:

I hope you will visit them and enjoy them as much as I do. Please leave a comment so they’ll know you stopped by.

Blog Award conditions:

1. Post a link back to the person that gave you the award.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.
3. Pass the award to recently discovered blogs. It is supposed to be 15, but I am going with 10. ;)
4. Drop them a note and tell them about it.


Anonymous said...

I usually go to your city once a year. I love that pharmacy/ fabric shop.

Sewing Princess said...

Thank you so much for the award, Wendy. It's nice to discover something about you. Must be great to be a young Nana. I love red too and green!

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

Thank you so much for this sweet award! :)
You sound like such a fun person!