Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Fun

Last week we discovered 2 things. A new, close by park called Beulah Regional Park. The reasons we like it so much are: it is wide open with walking/riding paths, 2 fenced in dog parks, there are 2 big sets of play equipment, it is quiet, next door is the Equestrian Center so horses and riders pass outside the fence, the playgrounds are visited by lots of kids and parents (but not too many at once) and the equipment is plastic and metal. NO CARPENTER BEES!!!

If you don't live with carpenter bees, count your blessings. They are annoying and sometimes aggressive. People say "leave them alone and they'll leave you alone," but when they are hovering over the slides at the wood constructed parks, what do you do? You leave. Those bees are not small. See that hole it makes? You can stick a pencil in there. Because our house was built with cedar siding, we are plagued by these pests every Spring. And we have the badminton racquets to prove it.

Call me a sissy if you want, but bees freak me out. They are creepy and I hate the buzz. God bless them for pollination, but stay away from me, and mine, thank you!

Anyway, we are in love with Beulah Regional Park. This is where Tyler will perfect bike pedaling, and learn to roller skate. It is where he'll make friends who can come over to play, and we will watch as he grows too big for the equipment they have and moves on to full time sports for recreation. And I will get some serious walking done too.

Our other discovery this week? Barnes and Noble. Yes, Pensacola actually has a big, name brand store, can you believe it? (We don't have IKEA or Crate and Barrel or Macy's but we have B and N!) Up until last weekend we stuck to Books a Million for the spontaneous book shopping sprees. I told myself Barnes and Noble was too busy and too expensive. Now I have seen the light! They have story time twice a week! And the stuff they sell for kids, not just books, is astounding. Totally my type of shopping for kids. Intelligent toys and books and games. We were in heaven. Twice already.  Tomorrow is story time and we wont' miss it. Tyler will have friends and I will be surrounded by my other love, books.

What in particular did we leave with that I am so happy about? This  ( OR this - there is only a few cents difference in price.) The Alex Toys "Pirates of the Tub." If you have been reading former posts here, you know Tyler is a huge pirate fan. It will be his birthday party theme this coming Sunday. It is his favorite dress up costume.

This advertising pic is spot on. Foam pieces that stick to the wall (or you) and 2 plastic pirates and a cannon that squirt water. There are 38 pieces in all. Including a mesh bag with suction cups to keep it all organized after bath time. And just try getting your child out of the bath tub in a short time!

I gave it a 5 star review. Worth every penny.

Also this past weekend we ventured out to the local Renaissance Fair. It was very exciting for Tyler. Pirates! Knights! Jousting and sword fighting, pistols and cannons.! A juggler on stilts. A petting zoo. And we rode a real live elephant!

I grew up attending the huge Renaissance Pleasure Fair in Southern California. That is a spectacle. This is a much smaller scale, but it was good entertainment for a few hours. Everyone should go to  a Ren Faire once. For the kids sake, at least!

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Sewing Princess said...

those toys look so cool! I love Barnes and Noble...I love the idea of going to a bookshop and sip some coffee. Must be great for Tyler to attend story telling afternoons with his friends. Great entertainment idea for kids and good time for adults!