Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Leap Day (Year) !!

It is foggy, drizzly weather here. Not cold, not hot, not unwelcome. Well, my hair has looked better, but in the South you have to expect a lot of bad hair days. I think that is why the Bouffant style was so popular. If your hair freaks out to new heights - go bigger! Make it look intentional! 

This picture was borrowed from a Google search. It is not me. This just comforts me that things could be worse. I could have those zebra bangs.

February wraps up another Schnibble project. I was not able to come up with ISTH in time to make it, so I substituted Reveille. I have been wanting to use the Lila Tueller "Spirit" charm packs I hoarded, so here it is.  I love the bright colors and girly prints of Spirit. And anything from Miss Rosie's Quilt Co is fun to make!

No, not quilted yet. I need more peace and quiet and free time than I have right now to do that. I may just put it away for someday quilting. There is quite a pile in that someday quilting box already!

What are you doing with your extra day of February? I wonder how many babies will be born today and find they got shorted in the birthday department? I think that would be hard for a kid.

Our weather has been more like a long, long Autumn here. It has only gotten really cold a few nights. Usually we have a few weeks of temps in the teens at night and frost-ruined plants. Mostly it has been light jacket or no jacket weather since November.  I think Europe cornered the market on cold weather this year. Maybe it will help their economies?

My grandson's birthday is fast approaching. He'll be 3! He can tell people the date now. "March Tur-teenf" and holds up 3 fingers. Sometimes he holds up 2 fingers and says, "I'm this many, then I will be this many" as he adds another upright finger. His sarcasm is developing nicely because he recently replied to a waitress who asked him when would he turn three and he said, "on my birthday." Duh!

Also in the near future we have a diverse range of outings: the Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire, because all little boys want to see knights on horseback and royalty etc. There is also an upcoming monster trucks show, the new season starting at Five Flags Speedway (this year Tyler should be up to going once a month or so) and baseball games at the new stadium, and trips to the beach. Not the height of culture, but again this is the home of the bouffant hairdo. We ARE the people of Walmart. I do what I can with what we have...

Last weekend we went to watch the Ice Flyers play some good hockey. And win. I think Tyler was more interested in the loud music, stomping, cheering and projectile prizes than the game. He did get a commemorative Daytona 500 hat. And a date with Papa and Nana. That counts as a good time for all. There were many fights, one player got ejected, and we noticed that the visiting team's "timeout box" was decorated with flames. Fitting? I thought so. These are the things that make a hockey game good, in my opinion. I am an enigma, I know.

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prsd4tim2 said...

Hi Wendy. I'm Wendi, also from Pensacola and I found your blog through the Pink Pincushion blog. I was just fascinated to find another Wendy in Pensacola that quilts and blogs and wanted to say "hey".

Love your Reveille quilt, BTW. I have a Spirit layer cake that has been waiting almost a year to become a Single Girl. Maybe soon.