Thursday, May 3, 2012

Is it May already?

First of all, BLOG MAKEOVER!!! What do you think? Aqua, such a great almost-Summer color.

No, I did not make a Schnibble in April. I did not even get Bibelot finished. I think the Another Year of Schnibbles is not going to happen again (for me) this year.I have quilty stuff in the works but sewing time is harder and harder to find.

In other news, we've been having a blast, Tyler and me. Science and books and music and art on rainy days, followed by puddle splashing when the rain lets up. And because we love adventure and water, we are already enjoying the long season of fun in the sun and all kinds of water!

Last weekend we headed downtown to De Luna Plaza on Palafox Pier to see what the sidewalk fountains would be like. Tyler was due to get the tube out of his right ear on Monday, so last chance to risk water near that ear for a while. Unfortunately the fountains never came on. About a dozen other moms and their kids were hanging around waiting, but there was standing water to be kicked up and other kids to play with, so Tyler ended up soaked and happy after all. And it was such a gorgeous, cloudless, warm day, who could complain?

Here is the explorer, De Luna, who was looking for Mobile Bay, but somehow is attributed to Pensacola. Like most Spanish explorers, he seemed to have a lot of trouble with the weather and finding food and getting lost. Florida ain't for sissies. If you lived here before air conditioning was invented, I think you must have gone crazy. De Luna was "delirious with fever" at one point, but I think it was just our fine summer weather.

Not to deter any tourists, let me just say it is HOT here and humid. From May til October. If you visit, be prepared.

Back to my story. There is a traditional fountain full of water also on the pier. Tyler asked where all the money went that was in it last time we looked. Maybe they're going to use it to fix the sidewalk fountains?

You want to just jump right in these fountains come July!

I don't know if you can see it too well, but just behind the yacht on the left side of this picture is a peek at our brand new baseball stadium! The Blue Wahoos are our minor league team and this is their first season here. You can catch a game while looking out at Pensacola Bay.

The next day we went to the beach, which is really never disappointing here. White sands, emerald waters. Water temps already in the 70s. This is the beach on NAS Pensacola. It is so nice.

Are you jealous yet? There is nothing like it without a passport. Or so I hear.

Here's another beach pic, just to make you really want to come on down South. Opal Beach. Just east of Pensacola's main beach. Very private. Very quiet. And look how far out the shallows go! I love wading far out and not being too deep.

If you are wondering: the ear surgery went pretty well. Hopefully the hole in the drum heals quickly and well so we can commence swimming lessons and really have some fun!

This Saturday is time again for Home Depot Kids Clinic. I'm sure it will be a Mother's Day project. Are you going? It is free, it is crafty and it is the priceless time together that makes it a great morning out. Maybe followed by pancakes somewhere? And then more beach time, of course! With ear plugs.

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