Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Weekend Update

Hello, friends. It has been a while since I shared, hasn't it? Summer is already here and we are busy busy busy. I've been outside so much with Tyler that I have the full summer tan going and it is not yet June.

I'm going to cram a lot in here because we've done a lot and taken a fair amount of pictures too.

We've had unseasonably dry weather. Really hot and very dry. So weird! It is like being in So Cal in August!

Tyler is still very much into pirate play. He's so excited that there will be a Pirate Festival the second weekend of June! He is hooked on having the drawn on mustache and goatee. He'll draw it on himself if he can't get help!

Now that we are reading the Magic Treehouse series of books, he is starting to pretend to be a Ninja. He puts his foam sword down the back of his shirt and runs around the house pointing his golf clubs like guns.

We went back to De Luna Plaza yesterday and the fountains are working. What a great way for kids to get wet and it is free. The breeze coming off the water is a plus for the parents standing around. And now that Tyler's ears are healed up from the tube removal surgery we are all about swimming.

I got him his first boogie board. Who knew that when he got dunked by a wave, he'd pop up shouting "THAT WAS AWESOME!" And we saw a sea turtle close up, and a pod of dolphins going by. The weather and wave conditions have been so absolutely perfect for beach going.

We planted a little garden. A pallet garden. I got the idea from the Homesteading / Survivalism  facebook page. He is so proud. So am I. We can manage this size garden and learn a lot of science stuff while we provide some good vegetables for the table!

Other things we've done this month:

  • rescued a baby bird that fell out of tree. He ran off though, so we are wishing him the best of luck. 
  • Tyler picked out hockey gear fabric on our last trip to the fabric store, so after I cut the pattern out, he helped sew them together! First time at the sewing machine. 
  • shopped at a local thrift store and scored a kiddie army helmet for $.99
  • made up a lot of stories in the dark, which Tyler calls "the stories in your forehead"
  • gone swimming in great-gramma's community pool almost every day
  • played in our blow up pool a few times, mostly with squirt guns
  • sprouted a little herb garden in the kitchen window
  • cut up magazines for letter learning and scissors and glue practice.
  • sung "Tonight We Are Young" about a hundred times together. He loves the chorus 
  • discovered that the fuzzy baseball Easter basket is a pretty good marching band drummer's hat
  • we took Tyler to the local dinner-and-a-movie venue called the Silver Screen to see "the Avengers" -and now he is hooked on them too!  And he can't wait to go to that theater again. Candy, popcorn, hot dogs and you can sit around a table? Awesome! A lot cheaper than the big theaters? Double awesome for us!
Here's a little photo montage to sum up our month. 

Tomorrow we are going to a local U-Pick Blueberry farm to see how much we can haul home and freeze. We have a single tree, but Tyler eats them as fast as I take them off the tree. It will be a group outing and hopefully not too hot if we go early. Anyone have freezing or canning tips on blueberries?

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! If you see someone in military uniform, or a veteran of a past war, please thank them for their service to our country. And their sacrifice. We are free because they protect and defend.

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