Friday, February 18, 2011


So, since I can't post pics right now, I will see how much plain reading you can take.

The weather here this week has been WONDERFUL. Clear skies, and in the low 70s! So nice it is a shame to be behind a desk all week. I plan to be outdoorsy this weekend for sure.

I read a Dean Koontz book in one day. Not my usual cup of tea, but my dad insisted it was not too gory and I'd like reading about all the places we used to live near in So Cal. If you want a good read and you like just a little bit of creepy, The Good Guy is one I'd recommend.

I have finished piecing the 18 blocks for the doubled-in-size Keyholes quilt, an Anka's Treasures quilt pattern.  As I wrote in an earlier post, I am using Moda's Glace jelly rolls to make it. You can see some other versions here and here. I think the batik one is just stunning, don't you?

Anyway, the blocks are 18 1/2 inches (unfinished) but doubling the pattern means there are still not enough to cover my California king size bed. So I have been searching the internet for Glace jelly rolls to make another set of blocks. There are some out there, but shipping is ridiculous for most - I just refuse to pay $7 or more to ship ONE jelly roll. Other shops that still have it (and at a good price too!) do not take PayPal, and at this point in the checking account, I have to pass on buying them too. Sigh.... Oh well, it is a long time til Christmas. I guess I'll see what else is still available when funds have increased. I still have to buy 2 border fabrics and backing anyway. Oh, and a camera. That will be the priority. Unless something else at the house breaks.

Other quilty progress: I am on the last block piecing step for Ginger Belle, by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. I have the 13 star blocks done. Now for the Double Irish Chain blocks! All from my stash!

I still haven't finished putting the Postage Stamp Quilt top together yet. Several rows are together, but I have a few seams just pinned and sitting there. Also still working on Hunky Dory. Most of the blocks are plastered on 2 design walls, and I have a long way to go. I knock at some here and there over the weekend between cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking and taking care of the grandson. What? Me busy?

Oh, and I won something from on their Valentine's blog contest! Whatever it is is a surprise to me, so I can't share it til it shows up in the mail. It is nice to be lucky once in a while!

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