Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dress Up Storage and the Schnibble that Almost Was...

This is the project I've had in mind for a few months. Now it is reality! Tyler is so pleased, he immediately started moving all his costumes and hats in and he wanted it kept in the living room so he can play with it daily. (There really is not much more room in HIS room, so now it is in the public domain.) That is a closet sized dowel for hanging outfits on. Plenty of room for the knight outfit, chef outfit, firefighter and others that I am behind on making, right?

I owe all the construction and painting credit to my husband and to Tom, future stepson-in-law and the stepdaughter, Van, too. Great job people! This Storage unit cost about $30 without the wheels. I already had the quart of paint.

Have you ever built anything from Ana White's blog or website? She has such good directions and even tells you what the cost should be. You could build your own Pottery Barn type furniture, if that is your style! If I get a granddaughter some day I will be putting this in the works for sure. The cutest play kitchen!

We had previously built Tyler a very sturdy bookcase for his room, and it is so nice, I decided to go with the wardrobe on wheels and we painted it the same gray as the bookcase. I have not decided if I will stencil something on the side yet. Ideas? Probably his name at some point.

Its been rainy and polleny here for weeks. Not good outdoor weather for us, although I sure wish it was, cause soon enough it will be VERY hot and humid. If you have no allergies, you should get down on your knees and thank God every day. Anyway, we have been doing more play time with paints and pirate sword fighting etc, so it is still fun! 

How's this for fun? Mama drew the goatee and big curly mustache on with the washable markers. I had been drawing him a mustache with black eyeliner. Yes, that is a black eye at the edge of his left eye. Poor kid is full throttle all the time, and not always looking where he's headed. 

In other news, I got a very late start on the March Schnibble pattern, Bibelot. Like, it arrived on the 26th and I got all the blocks finished on April 1, after the Parade of Schnibbles deadline. Oh well. It will get done soon. Will I order the next pattern in time for April's deadline? Only time will tell with my crazy life right now!

 I used a charm pack of Modern Workshop prints. I know I should have ordered 2. I thought I could wing it with my leftover Spirit charm squares, but there is not quite enough for the border pieces. I'll have to cut into the few Modern Workshop fat quarters I have or improvise. Also, this will be narrower than Carrie's pattern because it was too wide for the back of my door, and that is where it is going. Afternoon sun is blinding without a nice quilt over the windows.

Did you make it into the Schnibbles Parade? Or at least get Bibelot finished? A month seems like so much time at the beginning, and not so much when it is half over and your project is still in your head, doesn't it?

This weekend is Easter. It should be the start of a busy week with family coming to visit here. I wish you all a Happy Easter and hope you'll leave me a comment about any of my topics!

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Victoria Storage said...

The unit is awesome and the t shaped quilt wall thing looks amazing, i will have to try and make that for my 3 babies, it might take me till christmas though. lovely and a great inspiration.

quiltzyx said...

Y'all did a great job on the costume wardrobe!! It's so great that you surround Tyler with so much creativity....I wonder what kind of quilts he will come up with?

The Schnibbles looks great, love all the bright colors!

Miss Courtney said...

I'm back, and now I know our sons are kindred spirits! My guy's into super heroes. I turned the bottom of his loft into a super hero lair. He's been dressing up for the past two weeks! I'm following you, now.