Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had a very busy day yesterday. Everyone in town seemed to be having Easter Egg Hunts, and it was also Kids' Clinic Day at Home Depot again.

Funny story: I took a few minutes to run into Home Depot the other day for a new shower head. I was alone, which is so rare. After nap time, Tyler noticed that the old shower head was missing and asked why. I said "Nana bought a new shower head today," and he burst into tears! He said "you went to Home Depot without me!!!"  I laughed because he knew which store without me saying and it was such a child/man response. I comforted him with the promise that he'd be at Home Depot this Saturday making a bird feeder and we would give it to his great, great grandmother for Easter.

Here he is with his newest creation. Honestly, this project was way too hard for his age. I had to do all the nail hammering. You are putting several layers of wood together and it is just not possible for a 3 year old to hammer that hard. But he liked decorating it!

Did you make it to a Kids Clinic in your area yesterday?

Before Kids Clinic we went to the Easter Egg Hunt put on at our favorite new park. Many (or all, I'm not sure) of the churches in Beulah got together to provide carnival type games and food and balloons, etc. All Bible based and there was a huge turn out.

He had a blast. He even got his face painted. He wanted to be the Easter Bunny. I was impressed that this girl, who is probably 10?, did the painting. Not bad either.

After bowling for candy, reaching in a big fish mouth for money, and trying the bean bag toss twice, we did the toddler egg hunt, got a balloon from the Easter Bunny and it was time to head off to Home Depot.  I had boiled eggs before we left so we could decorate after nap time.

This is the method we used for dying our eggs. It was a lot of fun, especially since we started off by searching the yard for tiny leaves to use on our eggs. 

You cut some nylons into 6 inch pieces, place a leaf on the egg, slide it carefully into the nylon section, pull the ends of the nylon around to the back and rubber band it tightly. You use warm water, white vinegar and food coloring drops to make the dye. We counted the drops, so math and chemistry were part of the fun too! Then let them soak about 5 minutes, carefully unwrap, and you have a leaf motif on the front and a star pattern on the back where the tie was!

This was so easy and so much fun for us, I think we might want to do this any time we need hard boiled eggs!

If you don't already subscribe to Family Fun, I highly recommend it. I started getting the mags when my kids were little. There are many great craft memories because of this Disney publication! I'm not getting compensated in any way for telling you this either.

You can subscribe digitally, or get the magazine in the mail, but they'll also send the digital version too.

I have to include my all time favorite Easter cartoon.

Happy Easter everyone! Make some memories today! 

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