Monday, December 14, 2009

Making Christmas Memories

Yesterday my kids, their spouses, my grandson and I helped decorate my mom's tree and house for Christmas. It was a lot of fun. Due to budgets and space availability, we are doing Christmas at Mom's this year.

One of the items set out for display is the salt dough Nativity scene that my brother and I made with mom many moons ago. I wish I could say that my dad was part of the fun, but he was in the Marine Corps and not home to do the craft things with us most years. Anyway, this was a Morton Salt recipe idea with the figure built around old fashioned wirey hair rollers. What do you think? Many people have asked why there is a big turtle in the group, but he's actually a camel. LOL 

Even when money is tight or the weather is bad, you can make the best memories and gifts with little ones. One year mom bought plain stationary and envelopes and we decorated them with "thumbprint people" and gave sets as gifts to loved ones. Getting them back in the mail with a nice note from a grandmother made it even more enjoyable.As we got older, the crafts became more detailed. A set of wood cutouts one year got decorated with paint to become tree ornaments, like nutcrackers, Mr and Mrs Santa, teddy bear, etc.  When I had kids I continued the traditions with them, and I can't wait for the grandson to be old enough for crafts with Nana!

This year as we hear about people spending less, giving less and staying home instead of traveling, I hope you have a chance to make something for someone in need. All People Quilt has a great  and easy idea for giving pillowcases to needy children here: 

You can send a card or gift to a wounded soldier through many different groups. Quilts of Valor is a wonderful group giving hand made quilts to wounded soldiers.

Make Christmas Merry! Make something with your own two hands and your family or friends. Even if you are only stringing popcorn for the tree, it will be one of the best memories ever.


M+L said...

What fun! I'm glad you did this all together.... making more memories. We enjoyed the photos of the get-together too. Love to everybody!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Love the nativity set -- and the memories you have of making crafts with your mom and brother are wonderful -- the best kind!!!