Monday, January 25, 2010

Cowboy Cookies and Quilt Art for Kids and Tyler

I have made these twice in the last 2 weekends.

They are so good, I just had to share! I found the recipe in Family Fun Magazine (which is great) while I was teaching a preschool class at a local daycare center. Kids just love to help cook, and of course because we were making cookies, it was a big hit. We were studying the letter C, so Cowboy Cookies was a no brainer.  Here is the recipe link and it includes photos. If you make these, don't skip the refrigerating the dough part. It really helps.

Also, the current issue of McCall's America Quilts from the Heart magazine (Winter 2009/2010) has a wonderful piece called "Start with Art" about making your child's artwork into small quilts to preserve for them. How cute is that?   What a wonderful idea! Those precious little drawings on paper just don't hold up forever. These will.

My grandson spent another day with the great grandparents and my mom yesterday. He is great therapy for my grandfather, who is forgetting a lot of things these days. He never forgets about Tyler, though, and boy does it make his whole week when my daughter takes him to visit. How could this little face not make anyone's day??

His bib says "Trouble is My Middle Name." LOL It might as well say "Just Try to Say No to This Face." He is going to be 1 in March, but is already walking and has had FIVE haircuts so far! That boy has his mama's (and my) hair!!!

Needless to say, I am saving the Cowboy Cookies recipe for cooking lessons with Tyler, and I am sure his mama will want us to turn his early artwork into quilted wall hangings when we get to finger painting and cut and paste stages.

Don't grow too fast, Tyler! I'll be patient.

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