Monday, January 18, 2010

The other kind of buyer's remorse and stuff

Not like when you get something and it turns out to be junk. No, I am talking about when you buy an expensive item, like a new computer (because yours bit the dust) and new monitor (not cheap) over the weekend and then on Monday morning, your car won't start. Like that.

Yes, my baby didn't want to start today. A tow truck took her to the dealer this evening after Mr. This Is My Blog said it is not a battery issue.

So, what else is going on in Pensacola? Mardi Gras is approaching. I have yet to go to one of the local parades. Maybe I should put that in the calendar this year? I have been to the big party parades in New Orleans. It could be fun seeing the smaller scale local version, right?

My grandson is in the photo contest to be on the cover of Baby Bella magazine. It is local too. I want him to win so he'll be on the cover, or at least in it. He's too cute not to be a little famous! Right?  Voting means making a small donation (25 cents per vote,) which goes to a good cause, supporting literacy in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. If you could, please vote for H. Tyler Dominic! He has no votes yet!

My quilting mojo is coming back, so I will be able to post some updates and photos about that in a few days.

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