Sunday, January 3, 2010

Empty Nest Syndrome

I picked a fine time to start a blog. Had I known that my daughter and grandson would suddenly move out right before Christmas, and that I would slump into E.N.S. I think I would have waited to make this commitment. I apologize to anyone who is actually trying to follow my blog. I promise to pull it together and start posting regularly, and with pictures and stuff. It may not be the most exciting blog in the universe, but I can do better.

Speaking of not blogging, did you read that crazymomquilts is quitting her blog?   I was stunned and a little sad. I'll miss her posts. You can catch up on the past here She makes such amazing quilts and other projects. It was really great reading and seeing everything she has been doing. I hope she has a wonderful new adventure ahead of her.

So, while I try to pull myself together from having a suddenly empty house, and try to get my quilting mojo back after the holidays, I wish you all a wonderful start to the new year. Here are some holiday pics that I finally got from Mom. Thanks Mom!

Here is what is truly amazing and wonderful about this Christmas. Tyler gets to be with his great, great grandparents! He sees them about once a week, but it is so incredible to have 5 generations together. They were there the day he was born too. I think it is safe to say that they adore him.

Here is Mr. This Is My Blog with our grandson, Tyler. We got Grampa to get rid of all that grey beard after he saw this picture. Yeah! He looks 10 years younger with just the goatee and mustache.
My beautiful daughter with Tyler. He got lots of new pajamas, and lots and lots of toys and books, of course.

Happy New Year!

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casserole said...

I bet it's quiet in your house with your grandson gone! Funny how when there's a little one under foot that all you want is some peace and quiet, and then when you get it, it just feels wrong.

I've got a little bit of empty nesting going on at my house, too. Though in my case it's because my daughter is in school every day now and then likes to be dropped off at my mother's in the afternoon for some grandma time.

Here's to getting a lot of creating done in our empty nests!