Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year's Resolution and local happenings

Well, we are still freezing here! It has been in the teens when I leave for work. The furnace runs constantly just trying to keep the house at 65. I am trying not to have nightmares about the upcoming electric bill. Who knows what the plants outside will be like come Spring. I have serious doubts about my lime tree. There is a beach towel frozen to it. Did that help at all, I wonder?

On the news this morning they said that the Gulfarium in Destin is rescuing sea turtles from our too-frigid waters because many have already died. They are here this time of year to lay eggs. I hope the rescue is very successful. We need more sea turtles! They eat jellyfish and we have TOO MANY of them every Summer!!!

Other local news: my grandson, Tyler, is 10 months old today! He is starting to walk already, and now has 6 teeth!! Such a big boy already. They grow so fast. I visited with him last night and we looked at the great pictures in the Pioneer Woman's cookbook. I bought one for me and one for my daughter. (PW is an awesome cook, among other things. You must check out her blog here  You'll be hooked! I can't wait to try more of her recipes.)  Tyler just loved looking at all the horses, cows, chickens and cowboys in there. We noticed that everyone wears a hat, which has been of interest to him lately. He doesn't really like wearing them for warmth, but he does occasionally try tupperware on as a hat. Too cute!

So, my resolution? I am putting the brakes on myself this year. In one part due to the fact that I made a lot of things in 2009 and not one thing has sold on Etsy yet (sigh) and also because it is embarrassing how many unfinished projects I have. I have counted 15 UFOs, and there may be one or two more lurking in bins that I have not remembered yet. FIFTEEN Unfinished Objects!! There is no reason why I shouldn't get those done and not buy or start anything else this year. This is a tough challenge to me because I am so addicted to fabric shopping online. I love so many of the upcoming and recent fabric lines, so I have to just not look. Also, I have so many wonderful ideas from magazines, books and patterns that I would like to make. But instead I am going to delete all those emails I signed up for and pray for strength. It would probably be easier to do the whole "I am going to exercise every day and eat right" resolution, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Other news is that my home computer is down for the count with a bad virus. I hope the tech people are able to resurrect it with all my pictures and data in tact. Should be a whole week without it, which means I can't add new photos here for the time being. When I can, I will post pics of the UFOs I am determined to finish.

Stay warm people!

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