Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tidbits, April Showers and Keds

Been pretty crazy here. I am working on skirts. One fail, one I love. Pics later. I have discovered that my hips need a not so tailored skirt. And bright colored fabrics may not be the most trendy thing for skirts, but I like them! The Chinese Takeout fabric I bought is just too cute!

April showers should be here any minute now. We should be getting 2 inches and lots of lightning. Good thing I brought a book to work. If the power goes out...


My grandfather had surgery before Easter and he is in a rehab center now. It seems that either his dementia jumped way ahead or he has delirium, which I have been reading about here.  Either way, he is feeling good, but thinks he is back in Pennsylvania, not here in Florida. He needs some therapy to see if they can get him mobile again. His legs are very weak. I pray that my grandmother makes it through this without collapsing. She is just flat worn out and a bundle of nerves. She is definitely someone who thrives on an unchanging schedule. Good thing my aunt and uncle and their kids are coming to visit next week, right? She should perk up with them being here.

I have spent some time trying to keep up with the blogs I follow, and at True Up I found this!  Heather Ross Keds shoes at!! I LIVED in Keds when I was pregnant with my son. Cute little gray jersey lace ups. But these from Heather are adorable! I just need $60 plus shipping to get that pink unicorn pair. Or the roses. Or Princess and the Pea. Can't decide.

I got 3 quilts back from the longarm quilter last weekend. A hexagon quilt, a small lap sized 9 patch, and the one I made for Laura's granddaughter. See earlier post. Need to get those trimmed up and bound. I should be doing that today, but my gameplan is a little off. As in, I didn't think about getting the one I want to work on first out of the baby's room until after he was asleep. So it is still in there. I'm at work and I will have to try to remember to get it out of there before bedtime tonight.

That's it for now. Have a happy Thursday!

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