Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Did It! Wednesday

Two blog entries in one day! Can you believe it?

Sew Much Ado is participating in Go Green Month that is all about repurposing things in a crafty way. There are tutorials, pictures and I am sure we will all find new blogs to follow and lots of ideas to try.  
A while back I made dresses from pillowcases for the orphans in Haiti. This was right after the big earthquake. I have shared it on We Did It! Wednesday as my green project. I am number 48 so far. It should be fun looking at all the things others have made. Check it out!

Due to my extreme ignorance in placing this as a button on my blog, it probably doesn't link back to the blog I borrowed it from. I tried to figure it out, but copy and paste is all I came up with. I am a beginner blogger, so your tips are welcome!

Let me know if you have shared your own project there after reading this post!

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