Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy February 14th!

This is my front entryway. On sunny afternoons, the light through the door and side panel is quite glaring. Harsh. Way too revealing of dust motes and dust bunnies. You follow? We've lived here  in NW Florida for 7 years in our West facing house and I have often pondered how to solve this problem, since the door is metal. Drill holes in metal for a curtain? No. Too permanent and marring.

Do you remember the Christmas Advent Calendar that was hanging here a few months ago? I happened to find a magnetic curtain rod at the store and I actually planned to use it on the refrigerator when I realized it would adhere to my front door and that is when the light bulb went on over my head.

Don't you love those light bulb moments? I never imagined there might be a magnetic curtain rod!

The light bulb went back on again just after the New Year when I was catching up on blog reading and saw that Another Year of Schibbles was starting, and dang, they were using the Full House pattern I had recently purchased!

Miraculously, my two brain cells collided. "Hey! These Schnibbles are just about the right size to cover the front door windows! No more indecision about what fabric to make a door curtain with! And I could change it out every time I make a new Schnibble! AND I can try to keep up with the AYOS girls this year! Win, Win!"  Wouldn't you know I had a few charm packs gathering dust, and a few I had my eye on recently?

I finished the quilting and binding and sleeve on Full House Sunday night.  I know my quilting has a long way to go, but I actually like looking at it and seeing where I have room to grow and where I have not done so badly.

I bought (expensive) Sulky thread in a shiny light peach color and I doodled flowers all over the quilt.

This month the Schnibble is ISTH... but they are sold out most places and I just don't want to pay almost the cost of the pattern in shipping fees. So, I will see what they are doing in March instead. February is half over and I don't want to rush through a substitute when I can take my time making something I really like starting March 1.

Are you Schnibbling?

I hope you have a wonderful February 14th. I find Valentine's Day to be overrated. And hurtful to those with relationship expectations that have not been met, or were recently crushed. I hate hearing the heartbreak of "he/she dumped me right before Valentine's Day!!!?" so let's just say Happy February 14th and try to love each other EVERY day, shall we?

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