Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not New - Previously Owned

Thrifting (and other sources of acquiring used items) is becoming a way of life, whether from necessity or curiosity or just being smart with money. Better for the environment and sort of a treasure hunt and maybe even a sport.

I love that there are places where you can find good quality items and make them useful, re-purposed and loved again. For the longest time I was sure that people only donated what they couldn't get rid of in yard sales at the local charity stores, but then I found a huge building full of stuff worth our time. The Waterfront Rescue Mission. They even sell brand new mattress sets and big items like pianos. I still wish I had a spot for the antique school desk! It had the inkwell hole and looked like it was made of walnut.

Tyler got a wood toy box, whose flat lid doubles as his cooking stove, a toddler sized BMX bike for a tenth of the cost of a new one, and the most necessary part of any cowboy outfit, the boots and hat!

He has worn these every day since we bought them. I think he would sleep in the boots if allowed. He is Sheriff Tyler, riding Bullseye around the yard, escorting me on errands, and charming all the ladies wherever we go!

The bike is put away until his birthday. I have to save something for next month! I am really doing well at spoiling him, as all Nanas are required to do. You try to say NO to this face!

I also met a very nice woman at the supermarket who let me know I didn't need to pay for the training wheels I was about to buy. She had some for free if I wanted them, and her garage was full of toys waiting for a someday yard sale. Score!

We went to her house a few days later and hauled home a mini golf set (Step 2 Par 3), a Vtech game system with 5 games, and the much anticipated Black and Decker Junior Power Tools Workshop! Plus the training wheels. It was Christmas all over again!

I swear it was my intention to not buy anything else for him. Really! But these were too good to pass up. Right?
You can see the toy box in the background. Tyler spent the whole afternoon running from the tool bench to the mini golf set.

The mini golf will be a big hit at the birthday party. On sunny days it will be our outside entertainment. Yesterday was rainy, then muggy, so we played indoors.

If these tools were real (and they do make noise and have whirling parts) I'd already have holes in the bedroom walls. He told me he was building me a new house and that he's an architect.  At bedtime Tyler said "Good night, tools!"

I think he's in love.

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Jamie H said...

I love getting already loved toys from thrift stores! Much cheaper and they don't end up in the dump! Thanks for linking up to Fun Stuff Fridays!