Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Schnibbling Along: the Full House version

Today was the deadline for submitting your finished "Full House" Schnibbles quilt to the Year of Schnibbles girls. I am a bit late. Just a little. Not that the quilt is done, but I did get the top put together today. Without borders. All I can say is, Hey, I might be really done by Valentine's Day, which is my personal goal for this.

Do you participate in the Year of Schnibbles? I had a bit of trouble with the roof pieces. I wonder if anyone else did?

My version is made with Moda's Chemistry fabric line charm packs. I bought some coordinating Kona solids (the dark raisin-y color and the light peachy pink) to add to the selection, since the Chemistry charm packs consist of 4 or more of each print. I was disappointed about that, but what can you do? I bought  online to get a deal, because the prices at quilt shops - where I can look in person at the contents - always make me put back what I have inspected.

I'd like to guarantee that I am going to do every Schnibble for the whole year along with the group, but next up is I.S.T.H. and I don't have that one. I plan to substitute a different Schnibble from one of Carrie Nelson's books instead. Who's with me?
My hat is off to all the blogging mommies out there who get so much done while toddlers and the older siblings run laps around their legs, leaving a wake of toys and clothing throughout the house. I no longer wonder why I did not take up quilting when my kids were little. I was lucky to make the occasional Halloween costume and Christmas outfit! And I was so much younger then. Ugh...

Now that I am home full time with Tyler, I just can't accomplish everything I plan to do each day. Almost 3 year old boys are VERY busy, and they get real squirrely if they don't get outside to play. Nap time comes around and I have to prioritize what gets done. Lucky for you I chose quilt top finishing over clean floors today! As Scarlett said, "I'll think about that tomorrow."

Stay tuned for a blog post about what these Schnibble quilts are going to be used for!


Carrie said...

I'm with you! Substitution works for me every time. :)

I love your Valentine village ~ it's absolutely wonderful. The dark strips are genius!

I'm with you about the cleaning floor choice too ~ especially if the alternative is playing with Tyler. The floors can wait. :)

Michele said...

The Full House quilt you made is beautiful! I love that you used all pinks! Just beautiful :-)

Sewing Princess said...

What a beautiful quilt. Amazing.
Have you seen this quilt challenge yet?

I thought of your great skills...maybe you have time to join

quiltzyx said...

"Oh but ain't that America for you and me.
Ain't that America something to see baby
Ain't that America home of the free
Little pinks houses for you and me." (John Mellencamp)

That's what went thru' my head as soon as I saw the quilt!
Great job adding in the solids - the top is fabulous!!!