Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boxy Stars and Beach Cottage

A lot of people are really excited by the book Scrap Basket Surprises that came out recently. You can find it here .  or on Amazon or wherever you buy your quilt books. I have a copy of the book and I can't wait to dive in. I just have so many other projects to finish before I get to that!

This is not from that book. It is from Quilt Dad, as featured on the Moda Bakeshop. I am almost done with this "Off the Grid" quilt. Mine is in Moda's Three Sisters Glace fabrics. There was a little hiccup with getting a 3rd charm pack, and while I waited I started other things, so... You know how it is. But I am off topic now.

Nicole over at Sister's Choice Quilts has been showing her progress on "Beach Cottage" from Scrap Basket Surprises and it looks great. Nice choice of fabrics, Nicole! I love the blues and yellows! And I love how the stronger blue makes them all pop! Keep going!

(I apologize for not being able to do a better job aligning the pics on this blog. I need help. At least I am figuring out the link things.)
Anyway, I realized that "Beach Cottage" is very similar to the above pictured Boxy Stars from  I made this Boxy Stars quilt last year - king size - and just love it. I made it from my stash/scraps too! The only differences being the arrangement and that there is sashing and corner stones in Boxy Stars. I really especially love mine because it has Laurel Birch fabric in it. That dark blue with dots. That is hers. And I love the seashell sashing. And the quilting job that Jackie in Las Vegas did on it is stunning. Can you tell I like it? 

I consider this my Summer bed quilt. The other one is maple leaves and I showed that in my second post. That is obviously the Autumn quilt. So, I only have 2 quilts for my bed. I think I need more. At least one for every season, right? I have such a long "to do" list, plus my list of WIPs, that I don't even know when a spring or Christmas king size will happen.

I'll have to settle for the Christmasy Glace "Off the Grid" throw on my bed for Christmas until I get time for another king.


Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Hi, Wendy. I saw your comment on Nicole's blog today, so I followed you here. Thanks so much for mentioning my book. And I was surprised to see that you're in Pensacola! How cool!

Anonymous said...

I really like your Boxy Stars quilt. I am on the verge of ordering Scrap Basket Quilts, I just love so many of the patterns it has. I am working on seasonal quilts for my bed too.