Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Sewing Frenzy

Spring makes me want to sew cool clothes and plant new flowers in the yard. I know I am sick to death of sweaters, socks, boots and dry skin by now. Bet you are too. Every year by the end of Winter my mind is reeling with ideas for skirts, cotton tops, dresses.

I start making new clothes and then I have a body confidence crisis and usually don't finish them. I am short - under 5'4" - and curvy. Apparently no one in the fashion world has a concept of this hourglass figure. Not even the pattern makers seem to understand a D cup is not a freakish size. That is where I hit the dressmaking skids and give up nearly every time. Okay, last year I did make a tunic out of turquoise gauze that looked like I escaped from a production of "Hair."

This year I vow it will be different! I will succeed and feel good about my creations, even if I have plump calves peeking out from under my new skirt! I bought the book "Sew What! Skirts" and it is full of great ideas. Have you made any of them yet? I'd like to hear about the outcomes, the errors, the big smiles after success!

This one especially caught my eye. Now I am on the hunt for a Florida (or other) state map tablecloth to use.  I first heard about making a skirt from a tablecloth here, but after I saw the state map one in the book, I had to do it!

I borrowed this image from  where she models her version of the skirt.After I win an Ebay bid or two, I should be able post my new skirt pics here. After I tan my legs a bit, of course!

According to the latest news on fashion, more and more people are making their own clothes! Thanks to reality TV and to save money! Duh! Does this mean people who actually enjoy sewing are going to get respect? I hope so. Really tired of the whole "Oh! You're so domestic!" comments I've heard from coworkers. They say it like you would say "What a cute baby!" to someone with an ugly child.

So, Mom, if you read this, thank you for buying me the sewing machine I definitely did NOT want for Christmas when I was 12. You must have had divine inspiration or something. You know you created an addict. I love you for it!

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