Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Quilt To Do List

I've been going through my notebook. I keep lists of quilts I need to finish, other projects I have been meaning to do, and things I want to make in the near future. The list is long and overdue. As in, I am sadly behind in my endeavors. I AM A SLACKER. Or maybe I have Fabric Attention Deficit Disorder? F.A.D.D.

I try to be good! I tell myself I won't buy any more fabric until I get caught up. I tell myself no new books or magazines, because they tempt me. I sometimes actually believe I will cross everything off the list soon. But deep down, I know it won't happen. I have access to the internet, and you can shop in your pajamas. Need I say more?

Look at all the quilting and craft blogs! There are MILLIONS and they are quite good. Mothers, businesswomen, teachers, designers. They are out on the web sharing their latest and greatest gifts and I am  giddy about all of it. You can't not buy new fabrics when you look at things like  thepatternbasket.blogspot.com/2010/03/tying-knot.html  This entry is why I had to buy a layer cake of Hunky Dory immediately. Even though I have piles of projects almost done, need to work on, need to start, and why isn't this finished yet? I had to have that layer cake! I still have my eye on Verna and several others, but I got my fix for now.

Nicole at  http://sisterschoice.typepad.com/sisters_choice_quilts/2010/03/an-abundance-of-riches.html is showing off  piles and piles of layer cakes and patterns she got as a thank you for "stunt sewing" and I am drooling. Whatever stunt sewing is, I'll try it if I can get piles of yummy layer cakes too! How do you get a job like that?

I could start a group for myself and others afflicted with FADD, but I don't think it would be a therapy group. We would become a support group. Codependent. Encouraging each other to get that new book or fabric. Our opening greeting would be something like "Hi, I'm Wendy. I bought this, and I don't know what I am going to do with it yet, but I just had to have it!"


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Mimisharon said...

I hear your pain of indecision and raise you a fq! I was thinking yesterday as I printed patterns for other things I want to make that I NEED to stay off the laptop at night. I get an idea in my head and have to print off a pattern or make up one of my own. Sheesh! When does it stop?